Let yourself be seduced by the new season

Let yourself be seduced by the new season

Autumn is here and with it has arrived the new collection from Gold Button.
Dusty colours and embroidered details are the highlights.

Delicate has the highest heels in two colours which style your figure as well as being extremely comfortable. It’s a line with a lot of character for women who like to make a statement.

catalogo gold delicate..-min

Lovely stands out for its sweetness. The infinite laces and soft colours will enhance femininity in all your looks.

catalogo gold lovely..-min

Magnetic has buckles, vintage organic prints, laser cut details and elegant scalloped boarders. You won’t be able to resist its magnetism.

catalogo gold magnetic..-min

If you like to be lady like, Mistery is your line. The characteristic bows and open eyelets are key.

catalogo gold mistery..-min

Lastly we have, Silky, a serious and elegant collection that stands out thanks to its curved heel and floral prints. Its pure versatility is what will help these shoes make their way into your hearts and wardrobes.

catalogo gold silky..-min